Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny tips to save your money

1. When it is raining, collect the water with your bucket. You can use it to water your flowers or even flush your toilet

2. When you are taking shower in winter, you probably have to wait until the shower water becomes warm. Don't waste those cold water, collect it with your bucket. You still can use it to water your flowers or flush your toilet.

3. If you are living with your partner, everytime one of you needs to use the toilet, ask the other one if he/she wants to use it too. Flush the toilet after you both have finished using it. So you don't have to flush the toilet twice.

4. Try to hand wash your clothes instead of using a washing machine. If you want to use washing machine, try to use it within off-peak time so the electricity cost you less. Also, try to take shower within off-peak time.

5. Try to bring left over to your company for lunch. Anyway, just try to minimize the frequency you eat outsite.

6. Don't watch TV too much, go to bed early.

7. If you can, bicycle to your office.

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