Wednesday, May 25, 2011

blog based knowledge management

i've been writting blogs so more frequently this year than ever, because i start to think blog is a good tool for personal knowledge management.

Before i start to work in my current company, which provides a knowledge management software, the concept of knowledge management never explicitly exists in my mind, although i used to collect some good articles, and write down some problem solutions and save them in online google doc. In company, i like to share my findings with email, and i always suggest if we can put our findings on company wiki, that may help other developers save their time. But, i never know that these practices are actully kindof knowledge management.

So, what kind of blog can serve well as a personal knowledge management tool? Or, what is a good blog based knowledge management system? I will try to generate a list later, and if you can think of any, please do let me know.

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