Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cache configuration file

Today i read an article about caching of zend framework application configuration file:

To me, the way how to implement this caching doesn't matter. We can always find a way to cache the config file that fits our own situation.

What really matters is the idea about caching configuration. I reckon i never thought of this before, partly because i think saving data in a file is already sort of caching compared with saving data in database.

So will the effort of caching configuration get paid off? I didn't do any serious test on it. But as i said, the thing that really matters to me is the idea, not its implementation or result. The idea reminds me that sometimes if we really think hard, and think out of box, not just satisfying with following the tradition that 'that is how we always do it', we probably can find something that could possibly imporve our application.

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