Thursday, February 19, 2009

5th Day

We went to an indian restaurant for lunch today. Indian food might be a good option if you want to taste something different occasionally. But it definitely could not stay on your long term diet list. Indian food features with curry and spicy. A survey shows XX% of indians suffer diabetes, because they like to put coco milk in their food.

My project's functional spec is done. Now i need to set up the framework, design the database and classes.

4th day

infrastructure upgrade

since we have more applications coming up, we need to upgrade infrastructure. However, we don't want to jump a big step once. We need to upgrade, get better performance, while still save cost.

The current status is we have one server, all applications and databases are running on this server. We think about having 4 servers, 1 of them works as database server. The rest work as application server and implement load balance. But this plan seem too big for us at the moment.

At the end, we reach an agreement that we just get 1 more server. So we have two servers, 1 for databases, the other 1 for applications.

We will see how this works at the moment. If our business keeps growing, we definitely need to upgrade our hardware platform later.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3rd Day

First meeting on Functional Spec

2nd Day

Keep working on functional specification

Some issues to figure out: WAP Page, Architecture, Framework, Report

First day

1. Set up my development environment

2. Suggest using bug track system

3. Suggest and start to work on functional specification