Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cool PHP Documentation update

1. pman - php man pages
Linux users know that 'man' command is very handy. If you want to learn the usage of 'ls' command, you can simply type man ls.
pman, is php man pages. To install:

sudo pear channel-update
sudo pear install

Ater install ok, you can simply use 'man <php cmd/function>'. For example, if you want to learn PHP's empty function, you can type: man empty

2. Enhanced CHM PHP manual. (Download:
I know we can get help information from internet anytime anywhere now. But i always like to keep a copy of offline manual. There are several benefits of keeping an offline document: 
* you can access it even the internet connection is lost. 
* you can read and learn it just like reading a book. So you won't be limited to a specific topic. You can browse the big picture.
* It is fast, easy to browse and search.

PHP manual, however, did NOT contain those user notes, which contain very valuable information sometimes. This enchanced PHP manual addresses this issue. The manual contains the user notes. This make the offline manual much better and more valuable.

This is the online document editor. You can login as anonymous user. I didn't spend much time on this. The only interesting part to me is, well, this online document editor is obviously powered by ExtJS, which i was working on recently.

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