Friday, November 21, 2008

Some thoughts about reading Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

First of all, it is a good book. There is no doubt for that. Its author name, Martin Fowler, is a guarantee in quality.

However, I think it might be better if we read it from its Part 2: The Patterns. And then refer back to Part 1: The Narratives. The reason is simple, if you don't have any knowledge of those patterns, reading part 1 doesn't help you a lot and would not offer you any valuable information. If we start from Part 2 and get a solid knowledge of the patterns and their implementation, we can easily link them with our practice. And it may be just like, ah ha, that is it! And then if we turn back to part 1, we can get our knowledge solid.

It is just my personal thought about reading this book.

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